Filming your wedding preparations

Why not capture key moments in the lead up to your special event as well as on your wedding day? As a highly skilled documentary film maker, my camera will roll whilst you make preparations for your memorable occasion.


Filming key times in the lead up to your wedding will remind you and your family of what happened in the months beforehand. For example, visiting the wedding venue; deciding menu options for your reception; discussing the guest list; choosing your outfit; drafting the speeches; the hen night; the fun; the laughter; the stresses and strains and much more, telling your story in the lead up to and during your wedding ceremony.


This is a wonderful way of keeping a record of your extraordinary day, sharing those moments on film that can’t be captured elsewhere. 

“John has the ability to film and capture great footage. Not only that, he has the amazing capacity to get people to open up on camera. No easy task.”


Cynthia Morey

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